01                       We believe that a modern narrative should always be explored with a curious                                                         mind. We observe the world with an open mind and a skilled eye for the                                                                   aesthetics.


    02                 We believe that each story should be born out of meaning. we seek individuality in design and                           think that a personalised approach should always be met with a high level of execution.

                                                      03            We believe in chance encounters and that our paths converged to the                                                                        same geographic coordinates. Together  we founded a Parisian home                                                                        and a common passion for the uncommon.

Yes, we don’t wear formals. We don’t buy media. We don’t crunch numbers. We don’t throw ppt presentations. We don’t spew jargon. We don’t waste time with endless meetings. We don’t make up strategy for the heck of it. We don’t hide behind market research. We don’t believe in recycling ideas. Basically we don’t complicate simple… HYPE IS NOT OUR TYPE.

Since our birth in late 2008, we’ve been creating, building, reviving, growing and solving problems for brands. We are Brand/brunch - Creative Kitchen. And we just believe in inventing creative ideas. Simple, striking and lovable ideas that help in sculpting brands with art, design, words, visual, colours, sounds, expression and empoisons.

We help interpret and tell your story across the multimedia spectrum. We create, build and deliver great-looking designs and content that inspire and engage. We also know technical nuts and bolts, inside out.

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10+ years in the game

Our brands don’t fall short when

the medium changes

A selection of our brands & beloved personalities 

- Mercedes Benz

- Rosewood Hotels & Resorts

- Coca Cola

- Coach

- The Cheesecake Factory

- Design Opulence

- Chef Vikas Khanna

- Chef Vineet Bhatia

- Falguni & Shane Peacock

- Chef Ananya Banerjee

- Chef Akanksha Khatri 

- Chef Amanda Chaignot 

- The Secret Kitchen

- Ekavali Khanna

- Hamilton Beach